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Experienced Criminal Defense Representation That Protects Your Freedoms And Future

Are you facing conviction and harsh punishments for a serious offense, such as a drug crime, theft or domestic violence?

At this pressure-packed, stressful time of your life, the best news you could get is that the serious criminal charges you face are being reduced or dismissed outright.

In Greater Phoenix, Maricopa County and throughout the state, the experienced criminal defense attorney who works hard to deliver that good news is Robert E. Coughlon, Jr., of Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC.

As your lawyer, Robert E. Coughlon, Jr., listens carefully to your side of the story. He digs deeply for the facts of your case, prepares it thoroughly and negotiates skillfully with prosecutors on your behalf. If your matter comes to trial, you can count on Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC., to provide a strong voice for your goals.

Aggressive Advocacy For Arizona Clients In Criminal Courts Since 1993

Mr. Coughlon is well-aware of the struggles you face — and the consequences of conviction. A guilty verdict in a drug crimes trial can mean years behind bars, stiff fines and a criminal record. A sex crime conviction carries mandatory sex offender registration that tarnishes your reputation forever. Being found guilty of domestic violence can rob you of the right to own a firearm, see your children after a divorce and maintain your immigration status.

Are you facing serious criminal charges in a state or federal court? Has a family member accused you of domestic violence or violating a protective order? Is a DUI arrest putting your rights and Arizona driver's license at risk?

You owe it to yourself and loved ones to seek experienced, effective defense representation that safeguards your interests and helps you avoid life-changing penalties. Call for a initial consultation with Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC.: 602-636-0800. Hablamos español.