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This is a real blog

Some immigration attorneys (and maybe attorneys in general) have people ghost-write their blogs, to pump up their social media rankings with the ultimate goal of getting their name in front of you.  Not me.  I’m writing my own blog, for better or worse.  One of the things I strive for is to be genuine and authentic.  So, if you’re reading this, I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website and reading my blog.

To me, this blog represents freedom.  One of our most well-known freedoms in the United States is freedom of speech.  We often take it for granted.  But in many countries of the world, a person cannot simply say whatever is on his or her mind, as we can in the United States.

Here are a few things you might be interested to know.  My father is an immigration judge, and my daughter goes to Harvard.  (So, obviously, talent skipped a generation in my family.)  They are two of the hardest working people I know, and both of them, in their own way, are a testament to what is great about the United States, and the opportunities that are available when talented people work hard.

My father grew up on a farm in Iowa.  He attended the local Catholic school, and there were about 10 kids in his high school graduation class.  After the Air Force, he joined the Border Patrol.  In the Border Patrol, he learned to speak Spanish. Later, he worked for the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.  During that time, he went to law school at night.  It has occurred to me that it must have been extraordinarily difficult for him to balance a full-time job, a family, and law school, all at the same time.  He has a tremendous capacity for hard work, and a great work ethic.  He didn’t come from a fancy educational background, and he got a late start in his career.  But he didn’t give up, and eventually, he became an immigration judge at an age when most people are retired.

When people meet my daughter Sarah, they often think she is the smartest person they’ve ever met.  To that, she would say, “Then you must not know any smart people.”  Although this acerbic response is a bit sardonic, it is also a reflection that she is among so many people in Cambridge that she admires as being even wiser and more knowledgable than she is, and she is always striving to know more.  

Sarah has always had a voracious appetite for books.  She reads constantly.  I believe it has been one of the main ingredients in her success so far.  So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when I opened facebook today and found this link.  (By the way, I don’t agree with everything she says, or how she says it, but I do admire her Hemingway reference.)

What’s On Your Bookshelf? Coughlon and Wilson Edition 

I hesitated at first to put all this out there on my law firm blog.  After all, I don’t want people to think I’m bragging. (I’m not.)  But then again, I thought, why not let people see who I am and who my family is?  This is how you know I’m real.

If you need an immigration lawyer, I hope you’ll call me.  I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you and help you.

Robert Coughlon, Jr., Attorney at Law