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It looks like President Obama is finally going to keep his promise to take action on immigration. Here’s why:

1. The biggest reason it looks like Obama will deliver on his promise is because nobody in the government is denying that he’ll do it, and none of the activists are doubting it. The only question is what he will do.

Last week, a reporter asked Leon Rodriguez, the Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) about Obama’s upcoming Executive Order. Rodriguez answered that he didn’t know what Obama would do, but said, whatever it is, “We’ll be ready.” This speaks volumes. Rodriguez’s answer assumes that Obama will do something and shows that CIS has been preparing for it.

Also, activists are no longer acting as if Obama might break his promise. Instead, they are asking how big he’ll go. Will he help 8 million people? Or only 3 million?

2. Earlier this week, Janet Napolitano was interviewed about how the DACA program came about in 2012. She talked about having meetings for several months before the announcement. This type of policy change is a group effort. Right now, Obama is waiting for the recommendations from DHS and the Attorney General, which will be delivered to him after the election next week.

Laying the groundwork

3. After Labor Day, the White House laid the groundwork by posting a report on its website announcing that the border is secure. It’s politically important for Obama to have a secure border before he changes immigration policy. When Obama does issue his Executive Order, he will reiterate that the government has secured the border, so now the time is right to give work permits to the millions of law-abiding people inside the United States who have lived here for many years and contributed to the economy of the United States.

4. In October, DHS announced the Haitian Family Reunification Parole (HFRP) Program, to speed up family reunification for family members of US citizens and lawful permanent residents.  Not surprisingly, nobody protested against this, which shows that the American people agree that we should have humanitarian immigration policies to keep families together.

5. Finally, it was discovered that DHS is in the process of ordering millions of blank cards which could be used to make work permits. This is major. They would not do this just because they’re guessing about whether or not to order the supplies needed to make millions of extra work permits.  This would only happen if someone very high up thinks it is very likely to happen.

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