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Business growth and E-2 Treat Investor visas

Arizona business owners may be interested to know that Thales Group, a multinational company based in France and that is involved in electrical systems design and construction, has plans to expand its business in the United States. It has concentrated its expansion efforts on Central Florida, which is a prime location for British business owners who come to the United States on E-2 Treaty Investor visas. British citizens make up the second largest group of international visitors to Central Florida, and there has been an increase in British-owned businesses in Orlando.

A resident of another country that owns at least 50 percent of a United States business and has made a significant investment in that businessmay be able to obtain an E-2 Treaty Investor visa. There is also the E-1 Treaty Trader visa for businesses that conduct international trade between the E-1 trader country and the U. S. business. In addition, visas can be obtained for the business’ employees if they are from the same country as the business owner.

According to a press release issued by Thales Group, the company will invest more than $20 million in the Central Florida region and create over 500 positions. Based on a statement provided by the company’s representative, Florida’s pro-business agenda is helping the company achieve its desired growth. Out of the 500 new jobs created, 173 will be in Orlando.

Non-United States businesses require the appropriate visas and permits to operate in the country. An attorney who has experience in immigration law can often be of assistance in preparing the paperwork require to obtain a non-immigrant visa.