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POR EL MOMENTO: La oficina de Robert Coughlon no está tomando casos de deportación, asilo, y casos de personas detenidas. Sí estamos tomando casos de ajuste de estatus y ciudadanía.

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Helping You Navigate The Asylum Application Process

POR EL MOMENTO: La oficina de Robert Coughlon no está tomando casos de deportación, asilo, y casos de personas detenidas. Sí estamos tomando casos de ajuste de estatus y ciudadanía.

Do you want to seek asylum in the United States? Talk to our experienced Phoenix immigration lawyer at Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC.

Are you afraid that if you return to your home country you will be persecuted? The United States has a long history of protecting people from around the world who are fleeing their country because of persecution.

If you are afraid that you will be persecuted in your home country, you can apply for asylum in the United States. It is a complex process, however, and you should have the guidance of an experienced immigration lawyer.

How To Apply For Asylum In The United States

If you want the United States to protect you by granting asylum status, you must show that you have a well-founded fear of persecution in your home country. You must also show that the persecution would be connected to one of the following five grounds for asylum: (1) religion; (2) race; (3) nationality; (4) political opinion; or (5) membership in a particular social group.

Also, the law generally requires that you file your asylum application within one year of your entry into the United States.

If you have recently come to the United States and you are afraid of returning to your country, you can file an application called the Form I-589 application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Your asylum application is confidential, and the information you provide is not shared by the US government with anyone outside of the US government. It is important to complete the application carefully.

You need to make sure that everything in the application is true and correct. You also need to make sure that you explain in detail all of the things that have happened in the past which make you afraid of returning to your country. It is helpful to spend time thinking about what has happened to you in the past and how that past persecution was related to one of the five grounds listed above.

Get Qualified Legal Assistance Today

Phoenix immigration lawyer Robert Coughlon has years of experience guiding people though the asylum process. We can represent you in preparing the asylum application, assist you in preparing for the asylum interview and help you every step along the way until the successful grant of asylum.

Robert Coughlon personally handles every asylum case, and spends time making sure that the case is well-documented and well-prepared. Call us today at 602-903-2371 to schedule your consultation.