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Myths about immigration

Arizona residents should be aware of a number of myths about immigration. One is that the number of undocumented people is rising. In fact, the number has been on the decline since 2007. Another is that U.S. workers lose jobs if more immigrants are allowed citizenship. However, according to the Congressional Budget Office, immigration reform would result in a stronger economy and more employment for all workers.

Undocumented immigration remains steady

Illegal immigration is a hot-button issue in states like Arizona that share a border with Mexico. Much of the debate on this issue focuses on Mexican citizens entering the United States illegally, but a report from the Pew Research Center indicates that the number of Mexican immigrants is actually falling. The report, which was released on Sept. 20, concludes that the number of undocumented immigrants has remained fairly consistent for the last six years and an increase in immigration from Asia, Africa and Central America has made up for a reduction in the number of Mexicans entering the United Sates.

Immigration law may allow foreign entrepreneurs to enter U.S.

Foreign entrepreneurs hoping to establish a business in Arizona and other areas throughout the country may be able to benefit based on a new immigration initiative. The initiative is meant to help the American economy by expanding current immigration options for entrepreneurs from other countries.

John Lennon and current immigration policies

John Lennon did not know that he would be paving the way for future immigrants in Arizona and throughout the United States when he asked for help from an immigration attorney in 1972. At one point, the legendary musician was considered deportable for overstaying his visa. He had stayed in the country beyond the permitted timeframe to help his wife with a custody battle. The immigration attorney used prosecutorial discretion to argue Lennon's case like many lawyers today use.

The rules associated with B-1 and B-2 visas

Immigration laws and documentation can be confusing to both foreign nationals and Arizona residents alike, and one of the most baffling aspects of this legislation is the dizzying array of immigrant and non-immigrant visas available. Those who vacation in the United States or enter the country to visit friends or relatives will generally be required to obtain a B-2 visa before traveling, and foreign nationals who wish to conduct business in America must first obtain a B-1 visa.

Business growth and E-2 Treat Investor visas

Arizona business owners may be interested to know that Thales Group, a multinational company based in France and that is involved in electrical systems design and construction, has plans to expand its business in the United States. It has concentrated its expansion efforts on Central Florida, which is a prime location for British business owners who come to the United States on E-2 Treaty Investor visas. British citizens make up the second largest group of international visitors to Central Florida, and there has been an increase in British-owned businesses in Orlando.

A non-immigrant visa may be revoked for a DUI charge

Foreign nationals who are visiting or working in Arizona on a non-immigrant visa could have their visa revoked if they are charged with drunk driving. The Department of State may revoke a person's visa once it learns that the person was so charged , even before there has been any determination of guilt. Other incidents that could be grounds for visa ineligibility or inadmissibility do require a determination of guilt.

California law held up as an example to other states

Undocumented workers in Arizona and around the country saw their hopes of obtaining work permits dashed on June 23 when the U.S. Supreme Court voted to put the Obama administration's immigration plan on hold. Unauthorized immigrants who are the parents of U.S. citizens would have been permitted to apply for work permits had it been implemented. Immigrant advocacy groups had pinned their hopes on action at the federal level, but there have also been calls for state legislatures to adopt a more progressive approach.

Immigration: a complex and unique sphere of American law

When it comes to a buzz word in American law (that is, a term that is virtually guaranteed to arouse emotions in listeners and instantly engender passionate debate points across the entire political spectrum), perhaps one choice among all possibilities reigns supreme.

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