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Ready To Hold Negligent Truck Drivers And Their Companies Accountable

A poorly loaded, insufficiently maintained, negligently operated commercial truck can cause mayhem on our highways — and devastate the lives of innocent, law-abiding motorists.

If an overworked truck driver, lacking training and judgment, has turned your life upside down in an accident, causing life-changing injuries to the brain and spinal cord — or fatal injuries to a passenger — you should contact Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC., right away.

Experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney Robert E. Coughlon Jr. has protected the rights and fought for financial compensation for injured people like you during his more than 20 years of successful practice. His reputation for positive results, in negotiations and at trial, is well-known throughout Arizona. This impressive track record is proof that he can help you with your personal injury matter, too.

Qualified To Handle All Aspects Of Your Claim

Commercial trucking companies are notorious for cutting corners. Drivers work too many hours in 18-wheelers, semitractor-trailers and “big rigs” that may be in need of repair. Cargo can shift, engines can malfunction — and, before you know it, tragedy strikes when a truck jackknifes, loses its load and collides with vulnerable motorists in smaller, conventional vehicles.

This is where Robert E. Coughlon Jr. comes in. His quality legal services include interviewing you about your accident, investigating circumstances of the crash, negotiating with insurers for the truck driver’s employer and, if necessary, taking your goals before a judge and jury.

Mr. Coughlon sympathizes with your situation and does everything he can to return your life to normal. He is well-aware of the burdens placed upon you, that you did not ask for: lost income, mounting medical bills, costs of replacing your car or truck, physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma that could haunt you for years. As your lawyer, he can determine if negligence caused your semitruck accident and advocate in your best interests every step of the way.

Offering Home And Hospital Consultations

Your initial consultation with Coughlon Law Firm, PLLC., can be conducted in the privacy of your home or hospital room if you are too injured to travel. Just call 602-903-2371 or send an email message.

For your additional comfort and convenience, these quality legal services are delivered strictly on a contingency fee basis. Our law office will not be compensated until you are. Hablamos español.